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17 November 2006


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Tana, of all of the people committed to blogging every day this month (and I'm in awe -- I couldn't do it!), you are the one whose posts I most look forward to reading. Substance? Oh, yes!

I totally agree! I am posting everyday too and while they are not all as in depth as yours, I am at least making an honest effort and not just writing about how hard it is to post every day! Keep up the good work!

I love Linda's peppers (and squash and everything else)! I was buying them at Love Apple for awhile, but then she wasn't there a few times when I stopped by at what I thought were the right times. Is there a place to get her produce at this point, or is she all done until spring?


i would like to know where to buy the seeds, especially the spinach varietys. thanks anne

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