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03 October 2005


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Great post. That meal looks fabulous--what a bargain at $40! It would be worth coming all the way from LA (or San Diego).

I had to laugh at the bacon-eating vegetarian. Yes, it was bacon-- actually pancetta, which is even better--that brought me down as well. I've actually seen vegetarian dishes in Italy that have been cooked in bacon fat or served with "just a little" prosciutto.

I wish you and your family all the best. Now I'm going to kiss my baby. Keep writing!

Goodness gracious! I was searching for farm blogs on Technorati and found my way here only to see Rubber Slippers mentioned in a post! {I am most honored, so why do I want to slink under a table right now? ;-)} I love what you've put together here, beautiful images and a writing style that kept me reading until I got to that August post anyhow!

The reason why I was googling farms is that I am at my wit's end, "Sono arrivata al capolinea!", to find some information on an unusual vegetable that the local storeowner says goes by the name of zucchini in her homeland. I'll probably post something about it later.

I'm reviving that Meme that you've listed above with a link back to Smallfarms. Let's see what I come up with. Ciao!

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