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31 July 2005


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I am with you a lot Tana
When Jessica Prentice said in an email "Our chance to clean out our cupboards"
I hope she didn't mean to throw everything we already have away. I for one will carry on using the staples I already have available (and some will last a very long time). When they run out, then I hope to use the information i have gathered during this month to find considered replacements.

It is clear you simply love farms and wish to clebrate them without becoming a psycho obssessive.

It might be too late for me already (becoming the psycho obsessive thing), but I look forward to hearing the rest of your local farm adventures.


Sam, I hadn't really given that sentence about cleaning out our cupboards much thought, but I am choosing to interpret it in the same way you have.

I am a condiment whore, and I'm even on double-secret probation (heh) from Bob NOT TO BUY ANY MORE. But I can never resist. Who can resist jars full of spicy things that you can toss into a bowlful of something to make it taste better? I went to Draeger's for the first time last month: dear God, was it ever fun--and I got condiments, you betcha.

I am already viewing my refrigerator differently, as a result of the Locavore challenge, though, and it sounds like you are as well.

Thanks for posting: I was about to leave a comment on your blog about all your tea. I'd love to have tea with you sometime. I've been drinking tea since I was about six years old. I love it.


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