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Welcome to the King of the Babies' personal photo album. He's the star of the show! (This is my favorite photo, from late September, 2004.)

I'm his Nana. He goes everywhere with me, especially to the farms.

Blowing kisses to the flowers
Sitting on Joe's tractor...at Dirty Girl Farm
The shadow knows
Marvin the Martian
Sing into the helmet!
On a tractor at Swanton Berry Farm
Visiting Cynthia Geske's herb garden
Cooped up with Logan
Two sweet little kids
Talking with Farmer Andy
Dirty little farm boy!
Zoning out with Puppy
I can do this.
Visiting Claravale Farm
Kissing the goat good-bye at Claravale Farm
Over there!
Letting the fish go into the pond
Custer's Last Stand
Dancin' like Elmo!
Playing with the hose
Puppy love & Poppy Love
Sleepy time with Puppy
Beats me!
Before the first haircut.
It's MINE!
Climbing Betty's ladder at Van Dyke Orchards
What a swing!
Playing ball
Saturday morning at the farmers market
Cool new boots
With Poppy at the beach
Closing the deal
Just like his Poppy's feet
Study in black and white
Dancing to the music (another farmers market)
Sharing with Poppy
Show me your berry, Poppy!
Ack! I'm dead!
It's me!
I don't think that word means what you think it means
Playing with Rowie
Love those little pixie tangerines!
Feeding ducks with Poppy
I give up! Where did the engine go?
I like what I see
Reunion with Daddy after his month in Costa Rica
I'm a monkey!
At the zoo on Daddy's lap